There are lots who just cut – We create Possibilites



Tools for your Production – for many decades we have been a trusted Partner for our demanding Customers.


When manufacturing your tools we rely on precision. With modern Equipment, assured Processes and vital Quality Management. For each and every tool that’s on its way to you .


Assume that we will deliver in time. Our Claim is to keep you producing even in your most stressful situations. We’re only happy when your tools are on your site.

As a part of Edelstahlwerk W. Ossenberg & Cie.  we are tool makers specialized in manufacturing of high precision tools. With our broad range of tooling machines and employees we offer you a wide range of production capabilities which will surely fit your demands. If your tools go beyond DIN specification, we might even optimize your steel, since we’ve got our own steel work. We would be glad to support you with our knowledge of materials.